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c-mon de curri

I actually have met the Norweigan diplomat - Charung. He is a very nice guy and is obviously very distressed at these comments. But he is very glad the messages of the world are getting sung, in what ever form they take.


I have Charung, he was intercepted coming through customs under a false prosthetic limb and by god he will tell us truth, or he will never clap eyes on a fiord again!!!


Fatoompshk, we need him alive... make sure he has access to rollmops. Over.


Another thing ...fairly sure there is not a nobel prize for marketing anything but almost certainly not for marketing politics (that would be like the grand prize for spin and lies - great to sell soap or liberial governments but surely not worthy of THE Prize) .

Have to admit old alfred nobel has been wrong about a few things (he actually said that the use of high explosives like dynamite in weaponry might eventually lead to the extinction of war: The day that two army corps can annihilate one another in one second, the civilised nations will shrink from war and discharge their troops) but the prize for peace has usually gone to mediators and negotiators, and the others (chemistry, physics, medicine and literature) split brain, pavolovs dog, polymers, DNA, lasars, liquid crystals and the odd good book

If there was a prize for political spin the lets face it it is the "badies" of the political world that have the best logos (symbols and branding) and the best campaigns (who can forget marching tanks into poland anyway) - the Nobel prize should perhaps be retrospecively awarded to Bennito and Adlof with Mao and Uncle Ho in there too and as they are yet to recieve theirs I am not sure if Charung Gollar is really in line for his...

Pro pace et fraternitate gentium, this is the holy grail (scientists and peace lovers have to have something that helps them keep the faith...)

hotell luleå erbjudande

Detta sker i en ptvingad matris nr mnniskor du inte rekrytera placeras under dig.
framkalla kort gratis
ven legitima gratis prover kommer fortfarande att hlla dig p avta sndlistor lngt efter de skickar ditt prov.

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