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I reckon the internet at this point in time is about as race and gender equal a place as we are ever likely to achieve. As for "situating our disembodied cyber-selves and information back into a/our material body" I say why do we need that? What difference does it make to neverhappened for people to know I am a white male in singapore? As soon as we turn the lights on in cyber space that's when all the name calling and objectifying will begin again. Right now people can only judge you on what you type. I kind of like it that way...


Hey B,

Agree with you on the first point if you mean that the equality of the net is equal to what we have in real life now? ( meaning, we have relatively liberal equality? )--In regards to the second, yes, people judge you on the net in accordance to what you type, but what you type is also based on your embodied real life experience, Meaning, a unique experience as a 'white' priviledged, educated male with access to skills and technological equipment to pen down your thoughts. To think that the net is a space where we can escape our material representation is a fallacy perhaps, Whatever we type is not just thoughts, but thoughts influenced by our everyday life. I guess what i am suggesting is that you don't have to turn the lights on for people to guess where you are coming from, for it is in the very character of the words you write, the choice of your interface, the artists that you choose to feature etc.
They are reflections of you( social/cultural/political) and what you have and have not etc.:)


I meant the net is more equal as the lights are off (or dimmed at least).

After thinking about all this maybe I should have a disclaimer on the site somewhere: WARNING BLOGGER IS WHITE MIDDLE CLASS MALE.

Then anybody who can't stand to hear from scum like me can move on without wasting their time reading my posts trying to decipher my ethnicity and socioeconomic status :)

Suddenly I feel like I am back in Art Theory class again... ARRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHH *runs screaming to the hills*

Love, Peace and Light (Like Spike used to say)


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