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does it work ? http://www.wewantyoursoul.com/index.php

and how does it work ;P


how much money can i get


You can get a quote here: http://www.wewantyoursoul.com/quote.php

depends on a few things, like whether you have engadged in autoerotic practices, worked for a major record label, etc

rex celis

i need money

rex celid

i need money

Erick Bonet

I'm desperate and i need money now...

Alice Nyambura

I was blocked from getting a quotation.

Am very desperate and cannot wait. I need money in the next few minutes. What do I do?


i very need money


I need lots o money


i need lots of money to pay bills off and buy all the things i can fo me and my family

rex celis
Drank Sippa

i need money wut do i do?


hello there i really need money i don't know if i can sell my sould in reture for a large sum of money says a million and half dollars.i will be waiting to read from you people as soonest

akombi lovet

well i am an orphan and i need some where i can sell my soul and get money i will do what ever you say please just help me i will be waiting to hear from you


i need one million dollars so i can pay off all my debts and buy watever i want and also for my family. And so dat i can be happy for once again,

valy walters

i am desperate and need money so, what do i have to do to get money

christian lopez

i needs money for so many personal reasons..


i want to sell my soul i am ready now. bt i want some serious amount of cash for it. email me and let me know the steps please. am waiting.

need more money

i want too sell someone else soul she gave it too me
i just want to have alot of money when i turn 20 till the day i die
the name of the soul his ... if u can realy give me what i want u know who am talking about

take the soul and give alot alot of money


i need money to last for the rest of my life never to work 200 million will be a good start


i need money now pleas tell me what is the cost and what i wil do i need it right now


i want to sell my soul so i can buy some stuff and make people feel bad cuz im better, and make my family ungry!!! lol... i wanna be the worst human being ever


I need a lot of money, what do I do to sell my soul.


Are you people nuts

anas lynden

i really money so badly i would do any thing to get it i love money than myself help i need money please help me

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