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I have also drunken 10 pints or was it 12? of guiness in one sitting with two friends of mine in a little irish pub in sydney called the dirty nelly. I didnt fall asleep in my chair but rather felt an incredible high which was not alcoholic like. We then proceeded to eat a lot after this.


Fascinating. Did this have something to do with art?


Sorry for the delay. May I elucidate further by saying that the performance - which involved drinking as many pints of guinness as possible, struck a resonance with me. I decided to relate to my own experience, which coincidentally had the same parameter of the performance. I chose to do so because fundamentally I believe good art, especially performance and video art; which I think has an inveterate ability to loose or disengage their audience - needs to do the opposite. This type of Art can very easily throw up perimeters around itself locking out any potential audience. I for one applaude this perfomance for being able to relate it to myself and my world.

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