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Lisa W

I read Heading East and I read this site. You often post the same links as that site a few hours after they post. No offense but it's a big internet, are you too lazy to find your own?


I don't know that other site so the links are new to me. No need to be alarmed. The nature of the web is that everyone steals from everyone else.


Thanks for your comment Lisa.

This a blog where I post stuff that I like, from wherever I see it. I admire Raul Gutierrez at Heading East immensely. You and I read his blog - but not everyone has the time to check out all the cool blogs out there every day.

The idea with a blog is to post whatever you want, whenever you want to. Maybe you should get one of your own! They are a lot of fun, though also a lot of hard work too. I find it especially difficult as I am so utterly lazy.

If you have an interesting link to suggest, you can always email it to me and I'll take a look. The only things I don't post about are investing, Barbies and Rock climbing.

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