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These videos are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!


Hi I'm YUKI and NODA Fan

Artists Statement; "When Yuki was singing, all of her feelings and prayers started to come out. When she sang some more, a little bit of spit started to come out. As she sang even more, more spit started to come out and when her spit hit withered flowers, the flowers started to move. When it fell onto a plate of dried pasta, it turned it into good tasting pasta. I left some dishes unwashed, but the spit cleaned them up for me. When a bear tried to drink water from a vessel, his mouth couldn't reach the water. The bear stood there helplessly, but Yuki's spit increased the volume of water and he was saved. Using life-form letters, I expressed how all kinds of creatures have quickened and started to move. The shrimp, the caterpillar, the squid, the grasshopper, the alligator, the monkey, Tama-chan, the seal and the lobster have all begun to stir."

This is not Sentimental Journey PV
But it's Stand up sister PV

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